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Coordinates: 55°49′33″N 37°23′25″E / 55.82583°N 37.39019°E / 55.82583; 37.39019

Crocus City Hall
Crocus City Hall1.png
Exterior view of venue (c.2013)
Address 65-66 km Moscow Ring Road
Trade and Exhibition complex
Bldg 2, Pav 3
Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast 143402
Owner Crocus International
Capacity 7,500
Opened 25 October 2009 (2009-10-25)
Venue Website

The Crocus City Hall (Russian: Крокус-Сити-холл) is a concert hall administratively located in Krasnogorsk Urban Settlement (near the city of Krasnogorsk) in Krasnogorsky District, Moscow Oblast (north-west to Moscow Ring Road).

The concert hall is a part of Crocus City complex (Crocus City Mall, Crocus Expo, hotels, restaurants). The closest metro station is Myakinino, the first privately funded station and the first metro station in Moscow Oblast. The building is constructed in memory of Russian-Azerbaijani singer Muslim Magomaev and owned by billionaire Aras Agalarov's company Crocus International and Crocus Group (ru). The hall has 7,500 seats.[1]

The hall hosted Miss Universe 2013 on November 9.[2]



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