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Crocus City Mall is a shopping mall located in Krasnogorsk, a western suburb of Moscow.


Developed by Aras Agalarov's Crocus International, the site is located near the Moscow Oblast Administrative HQ, just outside Moscow's MKAD ring road. Built of natural stone in a mixture between neo-classical and oriental architectural styles, the two-storey building opened in 2002.[1]


The Crocus Group [ru] paid for the Moscow Metro railway station at Myakinino to be additionally planned and built on the extension of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line, located between Volokolamskaya and Strogino stations. Added as a single-platform ground-based station, it was built as a two-platform underground development, thanks to Crocus's funding input. Myakinino opened on 26 December 2009, the first station to be built outside Moscow.


Today it houses retailers, including:

Crocus Expo[edit]

Crocus Expo front entrance, from the inside

Crocus Expo is the adjacently located trade fair and business centre, also built, run and operated by Crocus International. It is the largest business centre in Russia.

Since 2011, Crocus hosts annual video game exhibition Igromir, which was moved there from VDNKh exhibition center due to an increasing number of visitors. Over a hundred thousand visitors attend Igromir in Crocus each year. In 2014 Crocus also hosted the first Comic-Con Russia.


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