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Crofton House School
Crofton House School Logo.jpg
3200 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6N 3E1
School type Independent
Motto "Servabo Fidem"
(Keep the Faith)
Founded 1898
Headmistress Patricia J. Dawson
Grades Pre-k -12
Enrollment 708
Language English
Colour(s) Navy, Green and White             
Mascot Falcon
Team name Falcons
Symbol Ivy Leaf
Last updated: May 10, 2006

Crofton House School, located in the neighbourhood of Kerrisdale in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is a private, university-preparatory school for girls that is ranked first in British Columbia according to Fraser Institute's school rankings.[1]


Crofton House School was founded in 1898 by the Gordon sisters, Miss Jessie Gordon and Miss Mary Gordon, in their father's home on Georgia Street with just four girls. Three years later, in 1901, the school moved to the corner of Jervis and Nelson in the West End. The name Crofton House was suggested by memories of the "Crofton Cottages" just outside Cambridge. The ivy leaf, the emblem of the Gordon clan, was chosen as the school emblem, and the motto became "servabo fidem" (I will keep the faith). Crofton was a boarding school until 1990. The old boarding house is now used as the main administrative building, called "The Old Residence".

In 1937, the Misses Gordon retired and Crofton House School became an educational trust. Miss Sara E.G. Macdonald became Headmistress and in 1942 the school moved to the present 10-acre (4 ha) site on West 41st Avenue in Kerrisdale. On the day of its 90th birthday the school received its own coat of arms, granted by the Lord Lyon. To mark this occasion the Rev. Dr. T. Herbert O'Driscoll wrote a hymn for the school, "We Thank You Lord For all the Years".

Senior School[edit]

In Mathematics, French, English, Spanish, Mandarin and the Sciences, students who demonstrate high ability are given the opportunity to accelerate their programs, finishing grade 12 in their eleventh year. This would allow them to pursue an enriched Board Authority/Authorized course designed to meet students' interests in Economics, World History, Calculus, European History, English Language, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Human Geography. The Senior School also offers Advanced Placement courses to eleventh and twelfth grade students. The academic programs at Crofton House School are very rigorous and only select students may participate in accelerated courses.

The Senior School operates on a rotating 8-block cycle, with 4 80-minute blocks each day.

Until the 2010-2011 school year, the Senior School year was divided into three terms. The school has since shifted to an accumulative marking system. Report cards and student profiles are sent home at the end of each term. Electives - including Art, Drama, Music, Foods, IT, and Textiles - at the grade 8 level are compulsory quarter courses, while electives at the grade 9 and 10 levels are student-chosen half-year courses.

Students are assigned to teacher advisors who play an integral role in the lives of the students. Advisors act as advocates for students as well as liaisons with parents and other teachers. Students meet with their advisors in the middle of each day and remain with their advisor and fellow students for two years.

While there are many electives in the Senior School, selection may depend on timetabling and prerequisites. The school assesses its timetable and course offerings in the spring of each year. Students work closely with their Career and Personal Planning (CAPP) counselor to choose courses that ensure a challenging and rich learning experience.

Junior School[edit]

The Junior School housed students from grades 1 through 6 until the 2004-2005 school year. The seventh grade was then transitioned down to join the Junior School.

Junior students are required to take French class from grade 1.


Crofton students wear the Gordon tartan, in honour of the school's founders, the Misses Jessie and Mary Gordon. They also wear a white blouse or a white polo shirt. Students from grades 1-3 will wear a Tunic, and students from grades 4-12 will wear a skirt. Proper outerwear is a blazer for assemblies and special events, or a cardigan, pullover, or fleece. Graduating classes from the Junior School and Senior School also have special outerwear that only they can wear. After spring break, the students switch from wearing navy socks to white ones.

Campus Plan[edit]

Crofton House has developed a campus plan that involves rebuilding the senior school and building a new dining and athletic facility. They also plan to renovate the lower floor of the junior school and the administration facilities. Crofton House demolished their senior school in order to rebuild it and the senior school resided in a temporary "village" while the school was being rebuilt. The new senior school was opened on June 9, 2010.

Charitable Support[edit]

Each year the students in the Junior and Senior Schools select the charities they will support for the year. Traditionally, both schools have supported the Run for the Cure in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in the fall and the World Partnership Walk in support of the Aga Khan Foundation Canada in the spring. In recent years, Free the Children has become a major fundraiser for the Senior School. In addition, both schools also support a foster child.

Notable students[edit]

  • Megan Yim, Canadian figure skater

Notable alumnae[edit]

Notable faculty[edit]

  • Emily Carr, Canadian artist, and the school's first art teacher.



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