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CategoriesWomen's lifestyle
First issue1 May 1977
CompanyMagazine House
Based inTokyo

Croissant (クロワッサン, Kurowassan) is a biweekly Japanese women's magazine for middle-aged women.

History and profile[edit]

The first issue of the magazine is dated 1 May 1977;[1][2] the magazine is published twice a month,[3] generally on the 10th and the 25th. Croissant is published by Magazine House (マガジンハウス, Magajin hausu), based in Tokyo.[3][4] The company, which is also the founder of the magazine, was formerly named Heibun Shuppan.[5] The target audience is middle-aged and married women.[3] The frequent topics covered include home decoration, cooking, health, and beauty.[3]

In 1980 the circulation of Croissant was 450,000 copies.[1]

Croissant has sister publications, including an an, Brutus and Popeye.[6]


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