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Cronadun is located in West Coast
Coordinates: 42°1′46″S 171°51′47″E / 42.02944°S 171.86306°E / -42.02944; 171.86306
Country New Zealand
Region West Coast
District Buller District
Inangahua Valley looking south from above Cronadun

Cronadun is a small village located in the West Coast region of New Zealand's South Island. It is situated by the Inangahua River, and SH 69 and the Stillwater–Westport Line railway pass through the village. For a few years, Cronadun was the terminus of the Stillwater - Westport Line as construction progressed from Reefton alongside the Inangahua River towards the Buller Gorge. Cronadun became the terminus in 1908, and the next section to Inangahua Junction opened in 1914.

Coordinates: 42°02′S 171°52′E / 42.033°S 171.867°E / -42.033; 171.867