Crónicas de un Laberinto

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Crónicas de un Laberinto
Studio album by Jaguares
Released 31 May 2005
Genre Rock en español
Label Sony International
Jaguares chronology
El Primer Instinto
Crónicas de un Laberinto

Crónicas de un Laberinto is the fifth album recorded by Mexican rock band Jaguares. The LP was released on May 27, 2005 under the label Sony Music International.

Jaguares are:

Guest artists include: Adrian Belew (guitar, chorus, koto and keyboards), Federico Fong (bass), and Leonardo Muñoz (percussions and programming).

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Bruja caníbal" Hernández 4:01
2. "La forma" Hernández 3:11
3. "Tú me liberas" André/Fong/Hernández/López 3:05
4. "Fenómeno" Hernández 3:43
5. "Madera" Hernández 3:00
6. "Hay amores que matan" Hernández 3:13
7. "Me evaporo" Hernández 4:13
8. "Y si..." Hernández 3:06
9. "Todo te da igual" Hernández 3:14
10. "Espejo" Hernández 4:20
11. "Ahí aprendí" Hernández 4:01
12. "Mejor será" André/Fong/Hernández/López/Muñoz 4:38
13. "Ya te quemaste" André/Fong/Hernández/López/Muñoz 2:57
14. "Está muy claro" Hernández 5:08