Cronos II

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Cronos II
Cronos II main screen.png
This is the main window of Cronos II, a mail client.
Stable release 0.3.0
Operating system GNU
Type Email client
License GNU General Public License

Cronos II is a lightweight email client for GNOME, featuring POP3(S)/IMAP(S)/SMTP and a contact manager.

Cronos II has a graphical frontend and is designed from the ground up with speed and configurability in mind, most features are optional and can be disabled in compile time. It features a robust and intuitive interface that leverages all the available libraries already installed in a system but doesn't require them, as such, it can be built with or without HTML support.

It requires a valid gnome-libs library, but can use several other libraries, like libgtkxmhtml, bonobo, gconf, libgtkhtml.

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