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Cronous: The Shadow of Conspiracy
Developer(s) Lizard Interactive
Publisher(s) Game On, game&game, Aeria Games and Entertainment, Amped
Platform(s) Windows ME/2K/XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Release First Release 2001, Globe Cronous Release 2007
Genre(s) MMORPG
Mode(s) MMO

Cronous: The Shadow of Conspiracy is an action MMORPG. A player attacks monsters and accumulates experience by solving a high number of quests. Accumulated experience is reflected in the player’s level and he can use a special item according to the level, or he can use skills at that certain level. Also he can use various skills by his own special combination. Cronous is a very challenging MMO that will take lots of patience and grinding to go far.[1]


Lizard Interactive made various effects to create a dynamic battle experience and various kinds of magic to emphasize the fantasy world of this role playing game. The game features 3D sound which varies according to the distance and direction of the character’s animation which changes depending on the weapon. Also creative Level Design and various types of magic and monsters' dynamic AI will make the battle more dynamic.[2]

There are Guilds that you may join and challenge other guilds for control of the castle where you can control the taxes in the game as well as admittance to a special zone called "Bernai underground" where there are very high level mobs that rewards you with lots of experience.[citation needed]

As of now it is a free game. Though it is free, there is an in-game item shop where players may buy rare items using credits of real-life money.[3]

Cronous has 100+ types of quests. Many must be resolved, but a good deal of them are optional. Also there are some quests that are hidden. A player can meet hidden stories by solving various quests one by one. Some quests will show whole different results according to a player’s action. A player can meet the changing world which varies according to her/his own action in the world of Cronous. You level up accordingly 1-125(Non Reborn) 1-125 (Reborn) 1-250 Reclass, you may reborn at level 110 and reclass at level 115 . This type of game-play is similar to Shadowbane.[1]

There are growth items in Cronous. As a player grows up, these special items increase her/his ability and level up just as the character does.[4] A growth item will have a different tendency according to a player’s class.

Growth Weapons (also called gws) have an ability to be transformed to aid the character in Combat by Exponentially increasing their stats for 1 hour only, and the recovery time for a Growth weapon to be Transformed again (X- Form) is 24 hours. There are also Master Growth weapons that you can obtain from combining 2 Level 50 gws of a different kind.[citation needed]

  • Fighter gws - Ray, Kai, Ru, Adolph
  • Valk Gws - Buwl, Kara, Crash, Baron
  • Mage gws - Jade, aiur, jend, pavian
  • savage gws - Torr, Tumba, Shcilt, Kooper

Cronous includes these character classes:[citation needed]

  • Fighters: Fighters are the only healing class in Cronous. Mainly played as support class with various party enhancing skills.
-Reborn fighters: Can be multiple things such as a Buffer/healer and also a critical waver.
-Knight : The Reclassed version of a Reborn Fighter, this step has opened up a lot of possibilities as being a Fighter class and can do many things such a Monster/Boss kill effectively and also PvP decently due to their large HP and defense. 
  • Valkyries: Valkyries are the only class that can use range weapons. They also move faster than any other classes in Cronous.
-Reborn Valkyries: Almost the same as a non reborn valkyrie but due to the armor upgrades can do quite a few more things in game.
-Assassin: the most adaptable character to pick up a very well rounded character and also the farthest ranged damaging skills that you can acquire in the game.
  • Magicians: Magicians are mainly known for their AoE (area of effect) magic damage. They also have a unique class skill that can be learned at Level 30 that allows them to teleport to anywhere within sight on the screen.
-Reborn Mage: the reborn mage is now able to have access to his master skill which are the PvP (player vs player)skills that do straight damage to the enemy's hp ignoring their defense
-Wizzards: wizzards are the main PvP characters in the game doing massive damage to other players as there strong point were they lack the damage towards the monsters/bosses.
  • Savages: Savages are the standard melee damage class, though not common, they can be played as a support class too with some party enhancing skill. They are also the slowest moving class in Cronous.
-Reborn Savage: Basically they have a role swap they become the most self-sustaining class of all the reborn characters that can still offer party buffs.
-Titan: the strongest solo character in the game so far from my(whose?) experience, they no longer have party buffs but still can buff themselves, they also have massive damage output towards mobs and massive range/area of effect.

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