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Old Nipawin Bridge
Coordinates 53°23′45″N 104°02′25″W / 53.3959°N 104.0403°W / 53.3959; -104.0403
Carries Torch River Rail Inc.
Crosses North Saskatchewan River
Locale Nipawin No. 487 / Torch River No. 488, near Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada
Official name Old Nipawin Bridge
Maintained by Torch River Rail Inc.
Design Girder bridge
Total length 581 metres (1,906 ft)
Construction start September 1928
Construction end April, 1930

The Old Nipawin Bridge is a Canadian railway bridge that spans the Saskatchewan River just north of Nipawin, Saskatchewan. It was originally built by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The 'Old Bridge' is a double deck bridge with the top deck carrying the Torch River Railway (short-line operator) track while a 16-foot roadway is on the lower deck.[1]

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