Crooked Creek (Allegheny River)

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Crooked Creek
USACE Crooked Creek Lake and Dam.jpg
The Crooked Creek Lake Recreation Area is a dam, reservoir, and park near Ford City, Armstrong County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.
Country United States
Basin features
Main source 40°41′44″N 79°04′43″W / 40.6956207°N 79.078645°W / 40.6956207; -79.078645
River mouth 771 ft (235 m)
40°44′56″N 79°33′13″W / 40.7489532°N 79.5536568°W / 40.7489532; -79.5536568Coordinates: 40°44′56″N 79°33′13″W / 40.7489532°N 79.5536568°W / 40.7489532; -79.5536568
River system Allegheny River

Crooked Creek is a tributary of the Allegheny River in both Armstrong and Indiana counties in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.[1]

Several covered bridges span the stream and its tributaries in Indiana County. The Thomas Covered Bridge crosses Crooked Creek in Armstrong Township.[2] The Harmon's Covered Bridge crosses the South Branch Plum Creek and the Trusal Covered Bridge crosses Plum Creek, tributaries of Crooked Creek, in Washington Township.[3]


Crooked Creek joins the Allegheny River in both Bethel and Manor townships.


(Mouth at the Allegheny River)

  • Campbell Run
  • Elbow Run
  • Horney Camp Run
  • North Branch
    • Cherry Run
  • Fagley Run
  • Sugar Run
  • Lindsay Run
  • Craig Run
  • Plum Creek
    • Dutch Run
    • Cessna Run
    • South Branch
      • Mudlick Run
      • Sugarcamp Run
      • Leisure Run
      • Goose Run
    • North Branch
  • Walker Run
  • Anthony Run
  • Curry Run
    • Cheese Run
  • Mitchell Run
  • Dark Hollow Run
  • Fulton Run
  • McKee Run
  • Twomile Run
  • Pine Run
  • Brush Run
  • Rayne Run

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