Crooked Creek crater

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Crooked Creek crater
Crooked Creek Crater tectonic structures v4.svg
Faults and other tectonic structures related to the Crooked Creek crater on a shaded relief map
Location Crawford County, Missouri, USA
Type Impact crater
Age Mississippian
Coordinates 37°50′08″N 91°23′42″W / 37.8355°N 91.395°W / 37.8355; -91.395Coordinates: 37°50′08″N 91°23′42″W / 37.8355°N 91.395°W / 37.8355; -91.395
Topo map USGS Cook Station

Crooked Creek is an impact crater in Crawford County, Missouri, United States.

It is 7 km in diameter and the age is estimated to be 320 ± 80 million years (Mississippian). The crater is exposed to the surface.[1]

This is one of the 38th parallel structures.