Crooked Earth

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Crooked Earth
Crooked Earth FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Sam Pillsbury
Produced by Robin Scholes
Written by Greg McGee
Starring Temuera Morrison
Jaime Passier-Armstrong
Lawrence Makoare
Distributed by Pandora Film
Release date
Country New Zealand

Crooked Earth is a 2001 New Zealand film directed by Sam Pillsbury and starring Temuera Morrison. The film opened to negative reviews and performed poorly at the box office.


The film follows Will Bastion (Morrison) as he returns home from the army after 20 years to bury his father. Upon returning home, tradition dictates that Will must take the tribal chief position. Due to his disinterest in the role, his brother Kahu (Makoare) takes charge as he appoints himself with the position. Faced with Kahu's drug-dealing and radical views, Bastion must decide if he should act.



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