Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia

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Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia
Cooks Brook in Nova Scotia

Cooks Brook is a small community found in the Southwest Branch Musquodoboit of the Musquodoboit Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada. To the east is Chaswood. To the west is Carrolls Corner. Cooks Brook is located in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

This small rural community is the home of the Scotia Mine (Zinc and Lead), Wee Delivery (Landscaping Materials) and Mount Traber Bible Camp.


You cannot drive straight through to Carrolls Corner from Cooks Brook. You have to go through a small community called Gays River which is in Colchester County.


Cooks Brook has a Humid Continental climate, unlike most of Nova Scotia the Musquodoboit Valley is not quite as affected by the ocean. This is due to its inland location. This leads to more snowfall and cooler temperatures in the winter as well as hotter summers. The Musquodoboit Valley is one of the warmest locations in the summer with average summer highs between 22° and 28° degrees.


Coordinates: 45°1′37.9″N 63°17′12.4″W / 45.027194°N 63.286778°W / 45.027194; -63.286778