Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia

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Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia
Cooks Brook in Nova Scotia

Cooks Brook is a small community found in the Southwest Branch Musquodoboit of the Musquodoboit Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada. Cooks Brook is located along the Halifax Regional Municipality/Colchester County border. This small rural community is the home of the Scotia Mine (Zinc and Lead), Wee Delivery (Landscaping Materials) and Mount Traber Bible Camp.[citation needed]


One cannot drive straight through to Carrolls Corner from Cooks Brook. One has to go through a small community called Gays River which is in Colchester County.


Coordinates: 45°1′37.9″N 63°17′12.4″W / 45.027194°N 63.286778°W / 45.027194; -63.286778