Croquet at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Singles, one ball

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One ball singles croquet
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Date June 28
Competitors 9 from 1 nation
1st, gold medalist(s) Gaston Aumoitte
2nd, silver medalist(s) Georges Johin
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Chrétien Waydelich
Croquet at the
1900 Summer Olympics
Croquet pictogram.svg
Singles, one ball
Singles, two balls

The 1900 Olympic Croquet one-ball singles tournament was held over three rounds on 28 June 1900. Nine athletes from France competed.

First round[edit]

The first round eliminated five players, allowing four to advance. Four players, including two of the three women, did not finish the round. The third woman, Desprès, finished the round with 24 points but did not advance among the top four.

Place Player Score
1  Chrétien Waydelich (FRA) 11
2  Georges Johin (FRA) 13
3  Al. Blachère (FRA) 17
4  Gaston Aumoitte (FRA) 18
5  Desprès (FRA) 24
 Jeanne Filleul-Brohy (FRA) DNF
 Marcel Haëntjens (FRA) DNF
 Marie Ohier (FRA) DNF
 Jacques Sautereau (FRA) DNF

Second round[edit]

Waydelich and Blachère were eliminated in the second round. Waydelich, in third place, is now considered by the International Olympic Committee to be a bronze medallist.

Place Player Score
1  Georges Johin (FRA) 16
2  Gaston Aumoitte (FRA) 18
3  Chrétien Waydelich (FRA) 20
4  Al. Blachère (FRA) 22


Gaston Aumoitte won the championship.

Place Player Score
1  Gaston Aumoitte (FRA) 15
2  Georges Johin (FRA) 21


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