Crosby Heights Public School

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Crosby Heights Public School
190 Neal Drive
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 3K8
Coordinates 43°53′03″N 79°25′32″W / 43.88404°N 79.42565°W / 43.88404; -79.42565Coordinates: 43°53′03″N 79°25′32″W / 43.88404°N 79.42565°W / 43.88404; -79.42565
School type Public Elementary School
Motto "Success has to include me"
School board York Region District School Board
Superintendent Michael Cohen
Area trustee Corrie McBain
Principal T. Dunn
Vice principal Patricia Dynes
Grades JK-8
Enrollment 800 (2009-2010)
Language English
Area York Region
Colour(s) Navy Blue, Gold
Mascot Cougars
Team name Crosby Cougars

Crosby Heights Public School is a public elementary school located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Built in 1958 as Crosby Heights Public School, the school was Richmond Hill's fifth school. It is located on 190 Neal Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (Postal Code: L4C 3K8). Before 2005, its postal address was 305 Crosby Avenue and its postal code was L4C 2R5 but the physical location is the same. It is part of the York Region District School Board and is currently one of the two Ontario Gifted Program Schools in the Richmond Hill-Oak Ridges area- the other one being Silver Stream Public School.

As of 2009-2010, Crosby has 41 teachers and approximately 800 students from Grades JK-8.

Crosby Heights is a feeder school of Richmond Hill High School, Alexander Mackenzie High School, and Bayview Secondary School.

Just recently, in May 2009, Crosby Heights celebrated its 50th anniversary.


Crosby Heights is named after a shopkeeper, Parker Crosby, who lived in Richmond Hill in the 1860s. His store was named "Crosby's Dry Goods," and was located on Yonge Street. When his shop burned down, he rebuilt it with bricks. This new shop was renamed "The Fire-Proof".

Clubs, Teams and Achievements[edit]


  • Eco Club
  • Chess Club
  • Potato Club (closed due to teacher leaving)
  • Award Winning Movie Club "Bright Lights Movie Club" (closed due to teacher leaving)
  • Stamp Club (closed)
  • Scrabble Club
  • Milkbags Club
  • Slam Poetry Club
  • Forest of Reading Clubs: (Blue Spruce, Silver Birch Express, Silver Birch Fiction, Silver Birch Non-Fiction, Red Maple Fiction, and as of 2014-2015, Red Maple Non-Fiction)
  • Running Club ( A club run from early spring to end of school year)
  • Cross Country Club


Thanks to the support of the teachers, Crosby Heights offers the following sports teams:


Crosby Heights excels at sports and as of March 27, 2008, the senior boys volleyball team has won their own area, and the senior boys basketball finished their season with a 44-2 record, placing 3rd in Regionals. In the year of 2011-2012, the Intermediate Girls Volleyball team placed third in area, and the Junior Mixed Volleyball team placed first in their area. In the basketball season the Intermediate Girls came first in their area, coming second at Regionals and the Intermediate Boys came second in their area. The Junior basketball team standings are to be determined.


In 2013, Crosby replaced the old teacher, Ms.Jones, with the new teacher, Ms. Michopolous.

As of 2012-2013, Crosby Heights has the following bands.

  • Junior Band
  • Intermediate Band
  • Senior Band

As of 2013-2014, Crosby Heights has the following bands.

  • Wind Ensemble (Junior)
  • Symphonic Band (Senior)

As of 2014-2015, Crosby Heights has these 2 new bands: (Included is Wind Ensemble and Symphonic)

  • Vaguely Musical Ensemble (Composed of approximately 11 grade 7 students)
  • KC KC(Composed of several Grade 8 students)

In 2014, Crosby Wind Ensemble won Gold in Music Alive York Region. Crosby's Symphonic Band won gold in the same festival. The bands were invited to join the MusicFest Canada festival in Vancouver, but because of the distance, the bands did not attend.

Fundraising Events[edit]

Crosby Heights has several fundraising events each year, including the following:

  • Pizza Program
  • Milk Program
  • Chocolate Fundraiser (cancelled after 2008/2009)
  • Magazine Fundraiser
  • Scholastic Book Fair (cancelled after 2012/2013)
  • Read-a-thon
  • Candy Grams
  • School dance
  • Popcorn selling
  • GSL open
  • Earth Rangers buttons (cancelled)

There is also a breakfast club every morning until 8:35 am

Free the Children[edit]

Crosby Heights has recently funded the purchase and upkeep of another school in Kenya, conveniently named Crosby Heights, with their Brick by Brick initiative hosted by Free the Children. By June 2006, Crosby completed their Alternative Income Program for their Kenyan families by raising the full $5000.00. By March 2007, Crosby has raised $4400.00 for the Clean Water Program.

Since December 2006, $2500.00 has been raised with the Brick by Brick Campaign. The school was built in May 2007.

On May 15, Craig Kielburger visited the school, giving the school congratulations on their work on the Crosby Heights in Kenya. The construction was finished.

Every year the entire school participates in Free The Children's Vow of Silence to raise awareness for those who do not have their own say in the world.

In late June, shortly before the academic year ended, a retiring teacher raised enough money to start another school, this time in China. Crosby now has raised over $9000 for Free the Children.


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