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Crosby Textor Group
Industry Political strategy

The Crosby Textor Group is a social research, corporate strategy and political polling firm created by Mark Textor and Lynton Crosby. The C|T Group is made up of campaign strategists, under the direction of Lynton Crosby, Mark Textor and Mark Fullbrook. Crosby|Textor provide research, strategic communications and campaign execution services throughout the world. Most notably in Australia, Britain, Africa, Italy and New Zealand.

Recent work[edit]

In 2008, Mark Textor claimed success for the successful Boris Johnson London Mayoral campaign. With his partner Lynton Crosby he helped develop Johnson's 'donut strategy' that overcame the trend whereby conservative voters in outer boroughs opted out of mayoral elections because they could not identify with issues important with those in the centre of the city.[1]

In the 2010 and 2013 Australian Federal election campaigns, Textor was the principal national pollster and chief external strategist for Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party. The campaign delivered more seats and votes to the Liberal Party than the incumbent Labor Party after only one term. He claimed responsibility for the message: "We will stop the boats, stop the big new taxes, end the waste, and pay back the debt."[2] He was subsequently labelled 'tacky' by then-Prime Minister Abbott for a series of racist tweets (later deleted) and has been criticised by conservative commentators for 'charging a lot of money for pretty ordinary advice'. [1]

In 2012 Textor was strategist and pollster for Campbell Newman's Liberal National Party election campaign; one that delivered a majority for the party. On his efforts the new Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls concluded in parliament: "If and when a history of researchers and pollsters is ever written, Mark Textor will rank in the first order throughout not only Australia but the world. He has advised campaigns and most successfully recently advised on the re-election of Boris Johnson as the Mayor of London. During the course of that campaign I came to trust and rely on Tex—as I think we all did—and his calmness, his clarity and, if I might say at times, and it was needed, his caustic wit. They were an essential ingredient in the success of our campaign"[3] He also led the catastrophic effort which saw Newman's government removed from office after only a single term in government - matched by the reverse in Victoria of the same year.

In August 2012, Textor was pollster and strategist for the Country Liberal Party's win in the Northern Territory election, where they returned to power after 11 years in opposition.[4]

Crosby-Textor was key to winning the Liberal Party's 2013 election campaign. Brian Loughnane the Liberal party's Federal Director said, "I record my gratitude to Mark Textor and the team at Crosby-Textor for their support and wise advice over a difficult and challenging three years."[5][6]

Mark Neeham joined Crosby Textor in November 2013[7]

In June 2014 Crosby|Textor conducted published polling on behalf of Australian Marriage Equality (AME) which showed the strongest support for same-sex marriage ever recorded in Australia. It found that 72% of Australians supported legalising same-sex marriage, while only 21% were opposed. Further, 77% of respondents agreed that Coalition MP's and Senators should be granted a conscience vote on the issue.[8][9]


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