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Crosley Turntables
Modern Crosley radio – the CR3003A

Crosley Radio is an audio electronic manufacturing company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. It is an incarnation of the original Crosley Corporation, created in 1984 by Modern Marketing Concepts to reintroduce the brand after the original went defunct in 1956 when AVCO closed down the brand due to lack of profit.[citation needed] Its first turntable was released in 1992. Today, Crosley is one of the U.S's leading marketers of turntables, as well as radios and jukeboxes.

In 2017 the company introduced the 'Vinyl Rocket' – not only the first vinyl jukebox in its catalog, but also the world's only vinyl jukebox in current production. The machine holds up to 70 seven-inch records, and can play both A and B sides thanks to what the company calls a “unique rotating vinyl mechanism” for a total of 140 possible selections.[1] Crosley's jukeboxes combine analog audio and 21st century digital technology features.

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