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CrossAsia is an internet portal offering access to printed and electronic resources concerning Asian studies to individuals affiliated to a German institution which is part of the "Blauer Leihverkehr".[1] CrossAsia is being created and supervised by the East Asia Department of Berlin State Library, until 2015 the responsible library for East- and Southeast Asia (6,25) within the special research collection programme of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). From 2016 onwards CrossAsia is coordinated and supervised in cooperation with Heidelberg University. CrossAsia, formerly known as Virtual Library East- and South East Asia, merged in 2015 with Savifa, Virtual Library South Asia.[2] Information is presented as well in Latin as in Asian script.

Co-operative partners (until 2013)[edit]

  • GIGA, the German Leibniz Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg,
  • the Institute of Chinese Studies of the Heidelberg University,
  • the Goettingen State and University Library
  • the Institute of Japanese Studies of the Tuebingen University
  • the Institute of Chinese and Korean Studies of the Tuebingen University
  • the Central Network GVK
  • the China World Wide Web Virtual Library (Internet Guide for Chinese Studies)

The project is supported and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Until 2011 CrossAsia was member of the interdisciplinary portal vascoda.

These are the main features of CrossAsia[edit]

  • Meta-search: a virtual subject catalogue allows simultaneous searchability in relevant German and international library catalogues and databases in modern Western and Asian languages and scripts
  • Online Guide East Asia (OGEA): gives access to qualified, intellectually selected and commented electronic resources, mostly internet based. Specialist browsing and search through filter options is possible.
  • Possibility for registered users in Germany to access a wide range of licensed bibliographic and fulltext-databases offered by CrossAsia, these being: 中國基本古籍庫 (Zhongguo jiben gujiku), 明清实录 (MingQing shilu), 四庫全書 (Siku Quanshu), 《四部丛刊》全文检索版 (Sibu congkan), 漢達文庫 (Chinese Ancient Texts), 国学宝典 (Guoxue Baodian), 古今圖書集成 (The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China), Dissertations of China, Policies and Laws of China, 中国谱牒库 (Zhongguo pudieku), 宋會要輯稿 (Songhuiyao jigao), 永乐大典 (Yongle dadian), 全国人民代表大会资料库 (Database of the National People's Congress), 中国人民政治协商会议资料库 (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Document Database), 中国政府资料库 (Database of the Chinese Government), 中国共产党数据库 (Database of the Communist Party of China), LawInfoChina (北大法律英文网), 人民日報 (Renmin ribao), JapanKnowledge, 日経 テレコン 21 (Nikkei Telecom21), RISS International, 人民复印报刊资料 (Renmin fuyin baokan ziliao), China Academic Journals, China Online Journals, 台灣電子期刊 (Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services), 学術コンテンツ・ポータル(GeNII), 論文 情報 ナビゲーター(CiNII), Apabi E-Books Collection, 全国报刊索引 (National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals), Online Contents East and South-East Asia, Online Contents Asia and North Africa, Online Contents South Asia, MagazinePlus, BookPlus, 政策情報プラットフォーム (Policy Information Platform), 字通 (Jitsu)
  • Online Contents Asia and North Africa, East and South-East Asia, and South Asia: listing articles from several hundred journals, mostly in Western languages. The user is in many cases guided directly from the bibliographic record to the fulltext.


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