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CrossCribb is a card game created in 1996 by Maynard's LLC, a manufacturer of speciality retail products located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The game uses traditional cribbage scoring, a deck of cards, a custom game board, and score sheets that correspond with the game board.

Variations of the name include

  • Scribbage (somewhat like scrabble but cribbage)

The game[edit]

  • Played with 1 to 6 persons.
  • Played on a custom made board with a 5x5 grid used to hold one card each.

Two player (or 2 teams) game play:

  • Each team or player is dealt 14 cards.
  • After the deal the dealer's opponent cuts the deck and the dealer places the top card face up in the center of the game board (this is the cut card).
  • Play then starts with the dealer's opponent. Players or teams alternate placing one card on the game board with the objective of building 5 high scoring cribbage hands in a predetermined set of columns while simultaneously trying to minimize their opponent's 5 cribbage hands in the perpendicular rows.
  • At any time during the round each player or team must discard two cards to the dealers crib. When this is done the player immediately plays the next card from their hand, if any remain, on the board. Once a player has discarded two cards to the crib their remaining cards must be played on the board in normal game play fashion. If a player or team waits until their last two cards are left prior to discarding to the crib, then these two cards must be placed in the crib.
  • Play continues until all cards have been played.
  • Each player or team adds up the points made from counting their predetermined set of 5 cribbage hands. The player or team that dealt also adds the points from the crib hand (used with the center cut card).
  • The winning team scores the difference between these two sums for the round from the hands counted.
  • Players continue playing rounds until the first player (or team) reaches 31 points and wins the game.



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