Cross (1987 film)

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For the 2011 American action fantasy film, see Cross (2011 film).
Directed by Philippe Setbon
Produced by André Djaoui
Written by Philippe Setbon
Starring Michel Sardou
Roland Giraud
Music by Michel Goguelat
Cinematography Jacques Steyn
Edited by Nicole Lubtchansky
Release date
February 6, 1987
Running time
Country France
Language French

Cross is a French crime film written and directed by Philippe Setbon.


The divorced cop Eli Cantor once brought a man called Simon Leenhardt behind bars. Leenhardt has sworn revenge to Cantor. He escapes from an insane asylum for criminals and breaks into the house where Cantor's family lives. With a team of psychopaths he takes everybody in the house as hostage. Eli feels he can't risk to ask for official help. He plans to tackle the situation discretly. Unfortunately his best friend in the police force refuses to help him. So Eli looks out for another potential partner. He comes across the adventurer Thomas Crosky who engages in illegal fights just for kicks. Together they sneak into the house. Meanwhile Leenhardt tries to make friends with Cantor's family but his manic accomplices get more and more out of control.



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