Cross Border Trio

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Cross Border Trio
Cross Border Trio (l to r: Rob Thorsen, Jason Robinson, Paquito Villa)
Background information
Origin United States and Mexico
Genres Jazz, Improvised music
Years active 2003 to the present
Members Jason Robinson (musician) (saxophone), Rob Thorsen (bass), Paquito Villa (drums)
Past members Joscha Oetz (bass)

Cross Border Trio is an international collaborate jazz group featuring American saxophonist Jason Robinson (musician), bassist Rob Thorsen, and Mexican percussionist Paquito Villa. Formed in 2003, the group has released one critically acclaimed album, New Directions (2007/Circumvention), and toured extensively throughout Mexico and occasionally appeared in the United States. Since 2008, the group has featured a rotating cast of guest members and used the names of Cross Border Trio and X Border.


Jason Robinson (musician), saxophone
Rob Thorsen, bass
Paquito Villa, drums

Guest Members[edit]

Rick Helzer, piano
Joshua White, piano
Anthony Smith, piano and vibraphone


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