Nordiq Canada

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Nordiq Canada
SportCross-country skiing
JurisdictionCross-country skiing in Canada
PresidentJennifer Tomlinson
SponsorSport Canada

Nordiq Canada is the governing federation for cross-country skiing in Canada.


The first governing body for cross-country skiing in Canada was the Canadian Amateur Skiers Association (CASA), founded in 1920. This body covered all disciplines of skiing; alpine, cross-country, and jumping. CASA changed to Canadian Skiers Association (CSA) and in 1969 cross-country skiing separated from the CSA, becoming its own discipline. Biathlon was part of the CCC for 9 years until it left and formed its own governing body. The CCC remains Canada's governing body for cross-country skiing.

In 2019, Cross Country Ski de Fond Canada officially rebranded and is now known as Nordiq Canada.

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