Cross Internacional de Soria

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Cross Internacional de Soria
The race course is set in a grassy suburb of the city of Soria
DateLate November
LocationSoria, Spain
Event typeCross country
Distance10 km for men
8 km for women
Official siteCross Internacional de Soria

The Cross Internacional de Soria, also known as the Campo a Través Internacional de Soria, is an annual cross country running competition that takes place in Soria, Spain. First held in 1994, it usually takes place in late November and gained IAAF cross country permit meeting status in 2007.[1] It was previously a European Athletic Association permit meeting.[2]

The competition features elite races of 10 km for men and 8 km for women. The men's and women's race had initially been competed over distances of 9 km and 6 km respectively, but the course lengths were increased in 2006.[3][4] The course, known as the "Monte Valonsadero", was used in the early 1990s as a training ground by Fermín Cacho and Abel Antón,[5] two of the region's foremost athletes. After inspecting the area, Miguel Ángel Pérez and Adolfo Caballero (members of the Athletics Delegation for Soria) suggested that a cross country meeting should be held there.[6] It is a grassy course set in the Sorian countryside,[7] and it is at a particularly high altitude – 1063 metres above sea level.[8]

Many World Championship medallists have competed at the course,[7] including Gebregziabher Gebremariam, Zersenay Tadese, Meselech Melkamu and Linet Masai. The meeting tends to be dominated by runners from East Africa and Spain.[9] The high standard of runners that the meeting attracts means that the Cross Internacional de Soria is consistently ranked among the best cross country meetings in Spain by the Real Federación Española de Atletismo – the Spanish governing body for athletics.[6]

Past senior race winners[edit]

Joseph Ebuya won the men's race in 2007.
The 2006 winner Vivian Cheruiyot competing in Spain.
Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
I 1994  Rahmouni Tijani (MAR) 24:38  Sally Barsosio (KEN) 11:31 (5 km)
II 1995  Manuel Pancorbo (ESP) 23:44  Ana Isabel Alonso (ESP) 13:45
III 1996  Omar Errachidi (MAR) 24:41  Jacqueline Martín (ESP) 13:08
IV 1997  Million Wolde (ETH) 26:42  Jacqueline Martín (ESP) 14:02
V 1998  Laban Kipkemboi (KEN) 25:12  Yemenashu Taye (ETH) 14:25
VI 1999  John Kosgei (KEN) 29:03  Naomi Mugo (KEN) 16:49
VII 2000  Salim Kipsang (KEN) 26:05  Margaret Ngotho (KEN) 15:37
VIII 2001  Tom Nyariki (KEN) 26:36  Rose Cheruiyot (KEN) 19:25
IX 2002  Charles Kamathi (KEN) 26:04  Zulema Fuentes-Pila (ESP) 20:24
X 2003  Benjamin Limo (KEN) 27:35  Merima Denboba (ETH) 20:44
XI 2004  Zersenay Tadese (ERI) 25:52  Werknesh Kidane (ETH) 19:24
XII 2005  Boniface Songok (KEN) 26:24  Rose Jepchumba (KEN) 19:47
XIII 2006  Ali Abdalla (ERI) 30:10  Vivian Cheruiyot (KEN) 27:38
XIV 2007  Joseph Ebuya (KEN) 28:58  Meselech Melkamu (ETH) 27:24
XV 2008  Leonard Komon (KEN) 29:11  Jane Kiptoo (KEN) 26:40
XVI 2009  Gebregziabher Gebremariam (ETH) 30:21  Linet Masai (KEN) 27:06
XVII[10] 2010  Joseph Ebuya (KEN) 29:57  Dina Lebo Phalula (RSA) 28:18
XVIII[11] 2011  Vincent Chepkok (KEN) 29:49  Priscah Jeptoo (KEN) 27:28
XIX[12] 2012  Emmanuel Bett (KEN) 30:48  Nazaret Weldu (ETH) 28:36
XX 2013  Dickson Huru (UGA) 30:07  Marta Tigabea (ETH) 28:06
XXI 2014  Timothy Toroitich (UGA) 29:58  Mercy Cherono (KEN) 27:38
XXII 2015  Timothy Toroitich (UGA) 29:42  Linet Masai (KEN) 28:08
XXIII 2016  Timothy Toroitich (UGA) 29:09  Alice Aprot (KEN) 26:17
XXIV 2017  Jacob Kiplimo (UGA) 28:37  Alice Aprot (KEN) 26:34
XXV 2018  Jacob Kiplimo (UGA) 30:11  Gloriah Kite (KEN) 28:47


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