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Cross Island is an uninhabited island located in Mumbai harbour, India, between the coast at Dockyard Road, and Elephanta Island. The island is host to an oil refinery and several large gas holders.

Coordinates: 18°57′N 72°51′E / 18.950°N 72.850°E / 18.950; 72.850

Cross Island, bearing the ruins of a fort is located about 400 m from Ferry Wharf on the east coast of Mumbai. The island is locally known as Chinal Tekdi.

It is sparsely inhabited by fisher folk although it seems to have no natural source of fresh water. At the base of the fort, some brick and mortar construction lies in dilapidated condition. It is obviously more recent as compared to the fort and seems to have been deserted by the occupants for unknown reasons. While there is no guided tour or regular transport available to reach the island, it is possible to get such a service from local fishermen around ferry wharf for about Rs. 1000 for a 6-seater boat.

The fort occupies almost the entire island and was perhaps built by the Portuguese or the British settlers. There are several cannons strewed across the fort which includes one very large gun. The top of the fort is much like a mound with one solitary large Ficus (Peepal) tree. From here one can see a unique and spectacular view of the Mumbai's Harbor precinct in the foreground and major buildings in the south end of the city in the background.