Cross Lake (Shreveport, Louisiana)

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Cross Lake
Cross Lake near Ford Park, Shreveport, LA IMG 1349.JPG
LocationCaddo Parish, Louisiana,
United States
Coordinates32°30′08″N 93°50′41″W / 32.502155°N 93.844669°W / 32.502155; -93.844669Coordinates: 32°30′08″N 93°50′41″W / 32.502155°N 93.844669°W / 32.502155; -93.844669
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area8,575 acres (34.70 km2)

Cross Lake (French: Lac de la Croix) is an 8,575-acre (35 km2) lake located near Shreveport, Louisiana. The waterway provides the water supply for the City of Shreveport. Moss covered cypress trees line the banks of this open lake popular for fishing and recreational boating. Supporting waterfowl, alligators and an abundance of wildlife. There are many access sites, several commercial facilities, and two public parks.

Cross Lake was acquired by the City of Shreveport during the administration of Mayor John H. Eastman. Cross Lake Reservoir was constructed thereafter under the administration of Mayor Lee Emmett Thomas.[1] Under Mayor Sam Caldwell, Cross Lake was stocked with fish.[2]

Ford Park, a recreational facility on the lake, is named for the former mayor and finance commissioner John McW. Ford (1880–1965).


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