Cross Manage

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Cross Manage
Cross Manage Volume 1.jpg
Cover of the first manga volume
(Kurosu Maneji)
GenreAdventure, sports[1]
Written byKAITO
Published byShueisha
English publisher
ImprintJump Comics
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Jump
English magazine
Original runSeptember 17, 2012July 22, 2013
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Cross Manage (クロス・マネジ Kurosu Maneji) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by KAITO. Cross Manage was originally published as a one-shot in Weekly Shōnen Jump before beginning serialization in the magazine on September 17, 2012, and ending on July 22, 2013. The series is also published in North America in English through Viz Media's digital manga anthology, Weekly Shonen Jump.[2]


Teenager Sakurai is forced into becoming the manager of the girls' lacrosse team at his school after accidentally touching the chest of his female classmate Toyoguchi. Sakurai is reluctant at first but after witnessing Toyoguchi's extreme determination and hard work, Sakurai for the first time decides to put all of his efforts into something and becomes the manager of the team. While Toyoguchi is thrilled, there are many other members of the team who are not, Sakurai has his work cutout for him as he has to prove his worth to the other girls while also solving current problems that arise for the team.


  • Sakurai - Manager of the Fujioka Lacrosse Club
  • Misora Toyoguchi - Captain and an attacker of the Fujioka Lacrosse Club
  • Nachi (Nacchin) Saiga - Best friend of Misora and Midfielder on the team
  • Rurie Tanaka - Defensive Player
  • Junko (Jun) Mizuhashi - Defensive Player
  • Shinobu Komatsu - Goalie
  • Ichino Noto - Attacking Player
  • Aya Sawashiro - Defensive Player
  • Yurika Kato - Attacking Player
  • Sanari and Unari Yuki - Midfielder Players
  • Momiji Kujidera - Defensive Player
  • Hana Nozawa - Defensive Player
  • Seki - One of Sakurai's best friends
  • Wakamoto - One of Sakurai's best friends
  • Sugita - Club Advisor for Fujioka Lacrosse Club
  • Chiumi Hayami - Soccer Club manager who has a crush on Sakurai
  • Ryuzo Nakahara - "Big Brother" to Misora and son of the owner of Nakahara sports store
  • Teruki - Worker at the Nakahara sports store
  • Namine Chihara - Best lacrosse player in Japan and on Choran's first string lacrosse team
  • Momo Mimori - Midfielder for Choran who aspires to be as good as Namine
  • Toka Yamauchi - Captain of Choran's first string lacrosse team and Defender
  • Jueri Watanabe - Goalie for Choran who is another prodigy like Namine
  • Makoto Yokoyama - Midfielder for Choran
  • Karuto Okamura - Defender for Choran
  • Ageha Matsui - Attacker for Choran
  • Anzu Hikasa - Defender for Choran
  • Michiru Omoto - Defender for Choran
  • Kazuha Koshimizu - Defender for Choran
  • Mahori Sonozaki - Attacker for Choran
  • Tsubaki Imai - Attacker for Choran
  • Hyoketsu Nakao - Principal of Choran and coach of their lacrosse team


The manga was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump in Japan and its American counterpart in North America. The first chapter of the manga was published on September 17, 2012 and two weeks later on October 1, 2012 in English.[2] The English publication was initially two weeks behind until January 21, 2013 when the series began being published simultaneously with the Japanese release. The first tankōbon volume was released by Shueisha in Japan on March 4, 2013,[3] and the second volume was released in Japan on May 2, 2013.[4]

As of October 15, 2013, 43 chapters have been released.

Viz Media has released all five tankōbon volumes through their digital manga service, Viz Manga.


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