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The Cross Street Market is a historic marketplace built in the 19th century in Federal Hill, Baltimore, United States. It runs the full length of Cross Street in between Light Street and Charles Street. The market continues to serve residents as a reliable source of fresh meats, produce, flowers, and baked goods. The west end of this block-long building houses Nick's Seafood, where crabcakes, steamed shrimp, oysters, and sushi can be enjoyed amongst the aromas of the catch of the day.

Many famous characters originated from this market, such as the immortal "Dolphin" Frank Bianca.

Coordinates: 39°16′36.5″N 76°36′48″W / 39.276806°N 76.61333°W / 39.276806; -76.61333

many businesses have been in the market over the years currently a developer is interested in remodeling and hope for a different venue for the community similar to the belvedere market is in the future.