Crosses (Zornik album)

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This article is about the album. For other uses, see Crosses (disambiguation).
Studio album by Zornik
Released May 13th, 2007
Genre Rock
Label EMI, Parlophone
Zornik chronology
Alien Sweetheart
Satisfaction Kills Desire

Crosses is the fourth studio album by the Belgian rock band Zornik, released on May 13, 2007 by Parlophone.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lost and Found"
  2. "Black Hope Shot Down"
  3. "The Backseat"
  4. "Sad She Said"
  5. "All of This Revisited"
  6. "Fed Up"
  7. "Fear in America"
  8. "Straight to the Bone"
  9. "There She Goes"
  10. "Go/No"
  11. "Get Whatever You Want"
  12. "I Will Never Be This Way"