Crossfire (board game)

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Publisher(s)Milton Bradley
Setup time2 minutes
Playing time5 minutes
Random chanceNone

Crossfire is a board game created by the Milton Bradley Company in 1971. The object of the game is to score goals by pushing one of the two pucks into the opposing player's goal. This task is accomplished by shooting small metal ball bearings at the pucks using the attached guns. The earliest version of the game featured a flat board, whereas the new board is dome-shaped. This causes the ball bearings to roll into the players' bins more easily, but can cause the pucks to indefinitely rest at the edges of the board.


The two pucks are made of plastic and rest on a central metal ball bearing. The bearing can spin and roll within the plastic mould allowing greater puck movement and responsiveness to hits. One of the pucks is shaped like a triangle and the other is star-shaped. The object of the game is to get either piece into your opponents goal. First to three “goals” wins!


The American commercial campaign for this product featured a battle between two young men. The hero in the exchange was portrayed by a young Tim Maynard, a Shakespearean actor who transitioned into daytime soap opera acting.


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