Crossroads (Battlestar Galactica)

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Battlestar Galactica episode
The "Final Five" Cylon models are shown in a shared dream between Roslin, Athena, and Caprica-Six
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 19 and 20
Directed by Michael Rymer
Written by Michael Taylor (Part 1)
Mark Verheiden (Part 2)
Original air date March 18, 2007
March 25, 2007
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Son Also Rises"
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Episode chronology

"Crossroads" (Parts 1 and 2) are the nineteenth and twentieth episodes of the third season and season finale from the science fiction television series, Battlestar Galactica. Neither episode begins with a survivor count.


Part 1[edit]

Just before Baltar's trial is set to begin, Cassidy refuses Roslin's request that Baltar be tried for conspiring with the Cylons.

The interrogation turns to blows when Six takes her imaginary Baltar's suggestion to bring up Tigh's wife.

At the beginning of the trial, Cassidy's opening arguments rest on Baltar having been a failed leader and the devastating loss of 5,197 people on New Caprica.

Lampkin uses the outburst to turn his arguments abruptly into the notion that Baltar is being railroaded to execution and the trial is being held as a formality to justify the carnal desire to punish Baltar beyond any blame he deserved.

The trial moves further into Baltar's favor when Colonel Tigh takes the witness stand and admits to masterminding the New Caprica Police graduation bombing, with Baltar as the primary target.

When Roslin herself takes the witness stand, she confirms for Lee Adama that Baltar helped save her life during her bout with cancer a year beforehand, and later also confirms, over the objections of Adama, that she had resumed taking medication because her cancer had returned.

Admiral Adama confirms the trial is a formality and that he already feels Baltar is guilty.

Part 2[edit]

Gaeta perjures himself by saying Baltar willingly signed the death order to have Roslin, Zarek, and others executed.

Rather than attempting to disprove this during cross-examination Lampkin acts on Lee Adama's suggestion and moves for a mistrial, based on prejudicial statements Admiral Adama had made to Lee concerning Baltar's guilt and the trial's outcome.

Lee then takes the witness stand, but refuses to testify against his father, instead returning to Lampkin's original line of argument that Baltar, for all his failings, could not be faulted for the tragedy on New Caprica.

His service having been completed, Lampkin abandons Baltar.

Reflecting on the trial, Baltar wonders how he will survive.

Moving through the darkness and trying to hide his face, Baltar is suddenly surrounded by three people, including the woman who had asked him to bless her child.

Caprica Six returns again to the opera house and sees herself, Baltar and Hera looking up at the glowing, robed apparitions of the Final Five Cylons looking down on them from a balcony.


The song and lyrics that Tory, Tigh, Tyrol and Anders hear is Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower", as adapted by series composer Bear McCreary. The vocals for this version are performed by McCreary's brother Brendan McCreary, with former Oingo Boingo guitarist Steve Bartek playing various guitars and sitars.[1] There is no explanation given in the show as to why this particular song is heard, nor where it comes from. According to a conversation McCreary had with Ronald D. Moore, the version heard in the episode is meant to have been recorded by a Colonial artist rather than by Bob Dylan himself.

Emmy Award considerations[edit]

Mary McDonnell and Jamie Bamber each submitted this episode for consideration in the categories of "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series" and "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" on their behalf for the 2007 Emmy Awards. Similarly, Mark Sheppard also submitted this episode for consideration of his work in the category of "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series".[2]


  • Apollo is the last person to see Starbuck before her "death", in "Maelstrom", and is also the first person to see her after her "re-appearance", in this episode, both occasions where they are each flying a Viper.
  • To keep Starbuck's return a secret until the end of the episode, Katee Sackhoff was not listed in the opening titles of the episode, but rather in the closing credits.


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