Crosstown (Glenn Miller song)

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1940 RCA Bluebird 78 single, B-10832-A, by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra.

"Crosstown" is a 1940 song recorded by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra. The song was written by James Cavanaugh, John Redmond, and Nat Simon.


"Crosstown" was released as an RCA Bluebird 78 single in 1940 by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra featuring Jack Lathrop on vocals. The single reached no. 9 on the Billboard pop singles chart in a 9-week chart run.[1] The B side was "What's Your Story, Morning Glory?"

Album Appearances[edit]

The recording appeared on the 2005 Avid Entertainment collection Glenn Miller: The Glenn Miller Story, Vols. 9-10 and the 1991 RCA Bluebird compilation box set The Complete Glenn Miller and His Orchestra (1938-1942).



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