Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (comics)

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 1.jpg
Cover of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon vol. 1 (2002)

Art by Andy Seto
Author Andy Seto
Publisher HK Comics Limited (Hong Kong)
English publisher
Original run 2002 – 2005
Volumes 12

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a twelve-volume comic series published by Comics One (Vol. 1-4) and HK Comics Limited (Vol. 1-4 Revised & Expanded Edition, Vol. 5-12), written by Andy Seto.[1] The comic is based on a 5 book series known as the Crane-Iron Pentalogy.


The original title comes from two of the characters' names: Lo and Jen. Lo's name is Luo Tsiao Hu. Tsiao Hu means "little tiger". Jen's name is Yu Jiao Long. Jiao Long means "delicate dragon". Crouching tiger and hidden dragon combined is a Chinese proverb that means "talented or dangerous people hidden from view," which fits both Lo and Jen.


  • Li Mu Bai
  • Yu Shu Lien
  • Lo or Dark Cloud (Luo Xiao Hu), Luo is his family name and "Xiao Hu" is his first name. "Xiao" means young, little or small and "hu" means tiger)
  • Jen (Yu Jiao Long), "Yu" is her family name and means jade. "Jiao Long" is her firstname. "Jiao" has multiple meanings: 1. tender, lovely, charming; 2. fragile, frail, delicate; 3. squeamish; 4. pamper, spoil. "Long" means dragon).
  • Lu Bi Pei, Jen's husband
  • Gao Lang Chiu (Jen's master both in martial arts and literature, Jade Fox is not Jen's master).