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Crow foot, crow's foot, crow's feet, or crowfoot may refer to:



Some of the following plant species may also be known as bird's foot, chicken foot, etc.


  • The Crowsfoot, can refer to the NEMA 10 series electrical plugs and outlets with 30 degree angled current carrying pins - the NEMA 10-20, now an international plug used by Australia, China and Argentina, the NEMA 10-30 dryer outlet, and the NEMA 10-50 arc welder outlet.
  • Crowfoot, New Jersey, United States, an unincorporated community in Burlington County
  • Crow's-foot stitch, a kind of embroidery stitch
  • Crow's foot notation, a set of symbols used to show relationships in a relational database management system
  • Caltrop, an archaic anti-personnel weapon
  • Crowfoot wrench
  • A name for wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes as the result of aging (resembling crow's feet)
  • Another name for the broad arrow or pheon (a marker for government property)

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