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Crowdfind, formerly Crowdfynd, is a Chicago-based company providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products to businesses including events, venues, transportation hubs, and more. Crowdfind uses their Image-Led Workflow software technology to make day-to-day tasks simple for companies. Crowdfind helps improve companys' processes by providing software focused on maintenance, security, and lost and found. This software improves customer and department communication, tracking, reporting, and shipping. The ease of the process cuts employee's time spent working on these tasks and provides customers with a better experience.

In 2018, they began work to expand their software offerings to include their facility maintenance software, FixIt[1] which launched September 2019.


Crowdfind launched in April 2013 at TechCrunch Disrupt New York.[2] It started as a crowdsourced mobile application, but grew into a Lost and Found management tool for businesses. In 2018, Crowdfind announced their plans to expand beyond their Lost and Found software via their crowdfunding campaign.[3] Crowdfind is now used by companies such as Navy Pier,[4] Bonnaroo Music Festival,[5] Coachella,[6] Salt Lake City International Airport,[7] Virginia Tech,[8] among many others.

Lost and Found software[edit]

Crowdfind's first product was Lost and Found, released in 2013.[9] Originally a crowdsourced mobile application where people could post lost and found items on an app, the application was later developed into enterprise software. Their first client was Navy Pier, and since then they have grown to be used at many transportation hubs, colleges and universities, festivals, events, and venues around the world. The application has image-based features, in which companies use their app to take a photo of an item. These photos integrate onto company websites so customers can browse through lost and found items and file claims.[10] Crowdfind supplies companies with claim forms to gather information and ways to verify ownership before making returns. Through the software's dashboard companies can manage inventory, manage customer claims, communicate with customers, create automated reports, and invoice customers to have items shipped back to them through the integrated shipping feature.[citation needed]

Maintenance software[edit]

In September 2018, Crowdfind released their facility maintenance software, FixIt.[11] Like their lost and found software, FixIt also uses photos to improve procedure. Companies can have their employees download the app, then when they notice something wrong on-site, they can take a photo of the issue. This picture notifies maintenance, who see the picture and location and can go fix the issue. Once fixed, maintenance close out the work order with another picture, notifying management the job is complete.[12]


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