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Crowe Global
Swiss Verein
Professional Services
risk products = Professional Services
Founded1915 (Horwath & Horwath by Ernest and Edmund Horwath)
HeadquartersNew York, New York, United States
Key people
David Mellor, CEO

Crowe Global, previously Crowe Horwath International,[1] is the 8th largest global accounting network in the world.[2] The network consists of more than 220 firms offices with over 36,500 employees in 130 countries[3] and one of the approved employer of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.


In 1915, Hungarian immigrants Ernest and Edmund Horwath founded Horwath & Horwath in New York.[4][5] The original practice focused on the hospitality industry.[6] The practice later expanded to include accounting, audit and tax offerings.[7] In 1960, the umbrella organization Horwath & Horwath International Associates (HHIA) was established.[8] In 1989, the organization shortened its name to Horwath International.[9] Horwath International rebranded in April 2009 as Crowe Horwath International. In June 2018, Crowe Horwath sees a further evolution of their brand with a move to the network name 'Crowe' across their independent member firms globally.[2][10][11]


David Mellor, the current CEO of Crowe Global, succeeded former CEO Kevin McGrath in April 2018.[12] In June 2018, the global network rebranded and changed its name to Crowe. Over 220 member firms across the world are now known under the new single name.

For 100 years, Crowe Global has been making smart decisions for multinational clients working across borders. Ranked the eighth largest accounting network in the world, the network has a total global workforce of more than 36,500 professionals and global revenues in 2017 reached US$3.8 billion.

Member firms are recognized as leaders in their markets with awards and accolades including: Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2018; top five leader for Strategic Risk Consulting by ALM Intelligence; Le Fonti award for 2018 International Tax Firm of the Year; Consultancy Advisory Firm of the Year 2017 at the Finance Monthly Global Awards; Best Audit Firm by The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of the Singapore Government

The International Accounting Bulletin named Crowe Global Advisory Firm of the Year in 2013.[13] Crowe Global was named Advisory Firm of the Year for the second time in October 2015 by International Accounting Bulletin.[14] In 2018, the combined revenue of Crowe Global's member firms reached $4.3 billion.[15]

Global structure[edit]

Crowe's headquarters and regional lead offices are located as follows: [16]


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Further reading[edit]

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