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C-Train station
Location 141 Crowfoot Way NW
Coordinates 51°07′23″N 114°12′27″W / 51.12306°N 114.20750°W / 51.12306; -114.20750
Owned by Calgary Transit
Line(s) Red line (201)
Platforms Centre-loading platform
Connections 37 Northwest Loop
40 North Hill
43 Northwest Loop
76 Hawkwood
137 Northwest Loop
143 Northwest Loop
199 Citadel
299 Arbour Lake
Structure type At-grade
Parking 1345 spaces
Disabled access Yes
Opened 2009
Preceding station   CTrain   Following station
Red Line

Crowfoot station is a CTrain light rail station in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It serves Route 201. It opened on June 15, 2009 as part of a 4 km (2.48 miles) extension, and was the line's northern terminus until the line was expanded to Tuscany station in 2014.[1]

The station is located in the median of Crowchild Trail, 13 km Northwest of the 7 Avenue & 9 Street SW interlocking, to the west of Nose Hill Drive, and is adjacent to the community of Scenic Acres and the business district of Crowfoot. The station was the northern terminus for Route 201 until the next station; Tuscany LRT, which is located adjacent to the communities of Rocky Ridge and Tuscany, was completed on 25 August 2014. As the Crowfoot station was expected to be the terminus for several years (5), it was designed with a 1345 stall Park and Ride lot and pedestrian overpasses that connect the station directly to both the Scenic Acres community, as well as provide a link to Crowfoot Centre. Inside the station building, two escalators, a set of stairs, and an elevator provide access down to the platform. The Crowfoot Station is unique in that the Western end of the platform wraps around the station building. This is the first two-storey station to be designed like this and Tuscany Station is designed the same way when it opened on 25 August 2014.

The station name was initially named "Centennial" as the project was approved and funded in 2005, Alberta's Centennial Year. In 2007, the city decided to change the name to "Crowfoot-Centennial" in order to better indicate the station's location. In early 2009, months before the opening of station, the name was changed again to simply "Crowfoot".

The successful completion of this station was not possible without the lengthy discussions of the NW residents with the City and with Calgary Transit officials. There were many open houses and revisions to the plan. The objective of the discussions was to make sure the situation was suitable until the next stations open around 2014.[citation needed]


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