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The Crowley Brothers' Memorial Road Race is a running race that takes place in Downtown Rutland, Vermont on a Sunday morning in June. The race hosts a 10-kilometer (6.2 mi) run, a 5-kilometer (3.1 mi) run, and the "Downtown Kids' Mile Fun Run".


In 1928, or 1929, depending on which version of the "story" is being told, New England runners, Frank Crowley, then a senior in high school, and holder of the record for mile, and two-mile runs, in Vermont, and Clarence DeMar, winner of many Boston Men's Marathons, competed against each other in a road race organized by Carvey Kingsley. It is said that the two agreed to race each other from Proctor, Vermont, to Rutland, Vermont, and that the race began somewhere on Route 3, in Proctor, and ended at the Mount Saint Joseph Academy Football Field. Frank ended up winning the race, and for many years, races of the same type were held. Eventually though, the race stopped, due to a lack of sponsorship. Later though, in 1976, many people, including Joe Crowley, Frank's brother, helped revitalize the race, and it has been held ever since.


  • In 1976, the first annual Crowley Brothers' Memorial Road Race is held with a 5 kilometer and 10 kilometer race.
  • In 1999, the First Downtown Mile Fun Run is held.
  • In 2008, winner of the Boston and New York marathons Bill Rodgers visits Rutland and runs the 10 kilometer race.
  • In 2009, Bill Rodgers returns to Rutland and runs the 10K race again, along with olympic gold medalist, and winner of the women's Boston and Chicago marathons Joan Benoit for her first time.

Celebrate the Heart[edit]

In more recent years, the race has become a benefit for people with heart trouble. Since runners must pay a small fee to participate, the money goes to the cause.


Though it is called The Crowley Brothers' Memorial Road Race, it is sometimes mistaken that two brothers ran the race, especially by people who do not know who the two that ran the race were.

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