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Estonian kroon coins

The crown is a monetary unit (currency) used in the countries of Czech Republic, Denmark (including the territories of Faroe Islands and Greenland), Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It was formerly also used by Slovakia and Estonia until 2009 and 2011, respectively.[1]

Alternative names[edit]

The names are derived from the Latin word corona ("crown"). The symbol of crown is usually "kr". Some countries use another symbol for it like Íkr, -, Kč. Various names for crown depend on official language of country:

Current use[edit]

Historical use[edit]

Current use of a currency called crown[edit]

Country Currency ISO 4217 code Date Established Preceding Currency(ies)
 Czech Republic Czech koruna CZK 8 February 1993 Czechoslovak koruna
 Denmark (and Greenland) Danish krone DKK 1 January 1875[2] Danish rigsdaler
 Faroe Islands Faroese króna None (DKK) 31 May 1940 Danish krone
 Iceland Icelandic króna ISK 1885 Danish krone
 Norway and dependencies Norwegian krone NOK 1873 Norwegian speciedaler
 Sweden Swedish krona SEK 1873 Swedish riksdaler

Historical use of a currency called crown[edit]

Country Currency Period Notes
 Austria Austrian Krone 1918-1925 Replaced by Austrian Schilling.
 Austria-Hungary Austro-Hungarian crown 1892-1918 Replaced by Austrian Krone and Hungarian korona.
 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak crown 1919-1939; 1945-1993 Replaced by Czech koruna and Slovak koruna.
 Estonia Estonian kroon 1928-1940; 1992-2011 Soviet ruble used in-between. Replaced by euro.
 Hungary Hungarian crown 1919-1926 Abandoned due to inflation. Replaced by Hungarian pengő.
 Slovakia Slovak crown 1939-1945; 1993-2008 Replaced by euro.

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