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Norwegian krone coins

A crown is a unit of currency used in the Czech Republic, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland).

Alternative names[edit]

"Crown", or its equivalent in other languages, is derived from the Latin word corona. The symbol for crown is usually "kr". Some countries use another symbol for it like Íkr, -, Kč.

The local name for "crown" depends on the official language of the country.

Current use[edit]

Historical use[edit]

Historical use of a currency called crown[edit]

Country Currency Period Notes
 Austria Austrian krone 1918–1925 Replaced by Austrian schilling.
 Austria-Hungary Austro-Hungarian krone 1892-1918 Replaced by Austrian krone and Hungarian korona.
 Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia Bohemian and Moravian koruna 1939–1945 Replaced by Czech koruna.
 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak koruna 1919–1939; 1945–1993 Replaced by Czech koruna and Slovak koruna.
 Estonia Estonian kroon 1928–1940; 1992–2011 Soviet ruble used in-between. Replaced by euro.
 Hungary Hungarian korona 1919–1926 Abandoned due to inflation. Replaced by Hungarian pengő.
 Slovakia Slovak koruna 1939–1945; 1993–2008 Replaced by euro.

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