Crown Burgers

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Crown Burgers
Crown Burgers Restaurant.jpeg
Crown Burgers in Layton, Utah.
Location Utah
Type Fast food
Opened 1978
Official website

Crown Burgers is a small hamburger fast food restaurant chain based in Salt Lake City, Utah started in 1978 by John & Rula Katzourakis and Nick Katsanevas (Rula’s brother).[1]

The chain's is known for its signature burger, the "Crown Burger," a cheeseburger which also includes hot pastrami. Crown Burgers' pastrami cheeseburger has been widely imitated and has become a staple of restaurant cuisine in Salt Lake City.[2] Crown Burgers also carries its own version of the regional condiment fry sauce, a combination of ketchup, mayonnaise and spices.

Their primary location is decorated like a European hunting lodge, complete with a large fireplace. Other locations have a medieval theme complete with tapestries and heavy iron chandeliers.

Crown Burgers has seven Salt Lake City locations.

In 2010, Crown was featured in an episode of Travel Channel's Man v. Food, and was named as serving The Official Best Burgers of Utah in 2011.[3]


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