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Crown Candy Kitchen. Behind the counter, proprietor Andy Karandzieff mans the milkshake machine.

Crown Candy Kitchen, is a restaurant located on St. Louis Avenue in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. The restaurant was founded in 1913 by two Macedonian immigrants, and is still run by the three grandsons of Harry Karandzieff: Andy, Tommy, and Mike.[1] This St. Louis landmark is the oldest operating soda fountain in the metro area, and one of the oldest in the country. The restaurant has an old-fashioned decor with a Coca-Cola memorabilia from the 1930s. It offers a simple menu with sandwiches and is best known for its desserts, most especially for its handmade malts or malted milkshakes. It is popular as a lunch destination with office workers in nearby downtown St. Louis.

The restaurant offers a challenge to consumers of their trademark malts. Should a person drink five 24-ounce (710 mL) malts or shakes within 30 minutes, they receive the malts for free and have their name inscribed upon a plaque in the store.[2] The Crown Candy Challenge was attempted on the Travel Channel's television series, Man v. Food, by the show's host, Adam Richman, on an episode that aired on 25 February 2009.[3] Adam was only able to finish about four of the five malts.[4] The record for the five malt challenge is 2 minutes, 29 seconds by Randy Santel.[5] For seven malts, the record is six minutes, by Ben Monson.[6][7] Since 1913, only about 55 people have successfully completed the Crown Candy Challenge, while several attempt it each week.

In 2012, it was featured on another Adam Richman-hosted show, Best Sandwich in America, for its "Heart-Stopping BLT" sandwich, which uses 14 pieces of crispy, kettle-cooked bacon.


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