Crown Mountain (Vancouver Island, British Columbia)

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Crown Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 1,846 m (6,056 ft)
Prominence 1,339 m (4,393 ft)
Coordinates 49°56.7′N 125°48.8′W / 49.9450°N 125.8133°W / 49.9450; -125.8133
Location Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Elk River Mountains
Topo map NTS 92F/13
First ascent 1910

Crown Mountain, sometimes called Ellison Peak, is a mountain located in Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.


The mountain has historic significance in British Columbia. It formed one corner of the large land grant given to Robert Dunsmuir to fund construction of the E&N Railway. A segment of the boundary of that grant later became a boundary of Strathcona Provincial Park. When BC Premier Sir Richard McBride set aside a reserve for the park, his Minister of Lands, Price Ellison, lead an expedition to explore the new park reserve which included the first ascent of Crown Mountain on July 29, 1910. The crew included Ellison's 20-year-old daughter, Myrna Ellison, who was first to set foot on the peak, as well as Colonel William Holmes, J. Twaddle, A.L. Hudson, Harry Johnson, Charles Haslam, James Hasworth and Frank Ward.

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