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The Crown Prince Couple's Awards (Danish: Kronprinspaarets Priser) are a set of culture and social prizes awarded annually by Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark. The awards were established in 2004 as a gift from the Bikuben Foundation on the occasion of the couple's marriage.[1]


There are currently four awards: the Crown Prince Couple's Culture Prize and the Crown Prince Couple's Social Prize, each worth 500,000 Danish kroner and two cultural Stardust prizes of 50,000 kroner each, awarded to rising stars.[2]

The objective of the awards is to highlight and recognize exceptional achievement in the arts and culture and in social work. The Culture Prize honours a Danish or Greenlandic artist with international potential while the Social Prize honours a groundbreaking Danish or Greenlandic project with international stature in the social sphere. The Stardust Prizes honour and highlight two young Danish or Greenlandic artists who are set to make a name.[1]



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