Crown Prince Hyomyeong

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Yi Yeong,
Crown Prince Hyomyeong
이영 효명세자
Crown Prince of Joseon
Crown Prince Hyomyeong of Joseon.jpg
Born 18 September 1809
Changdeok Palace, Kingdom of Joseon
Died 25 June 1830 (1830-06-26) (aged 20)
Changdeok Palace, Kingdom of Joseon
Spouse Queen Sinjeong
Issue Heonjong of Joseon
House House of Yi
Father Sunjo of Joseon
Mother Queen Sunwon
Crown Prince Hyomyeong
Hangul 효명세자
Hanja 孝明世子
Revised Romanization Hyomyeong Seja
McCune–Reischauer Hyomyŏng Seja
Birth name
Hangul 이영
Hanja 李旲
Revised Romanization Yi Yeong
McCune–Reischauer Yi Yŏng

Crown Prince Hyomyeong (18 September 1809 – 25 June 1830), born Yi Yeong, or Lee Yeong, and posthumously called King Munjo, was a prince of the Joseon Dynasty.

Life and death[edit]

The prince was the eldest son of King Sunjo, husband of Queen Sinjeong and father of King Heonjong.[1]

In 1817, the prince was admitted to the Sungkyunkwan. In 1819, he was titled Crown Prince of Joseon. A genius in literature and the arts, he created several court dances (정재) and used court ritual and the arts to validate and augment the King's control over the government.

Hyomyeong first became active in politics when he was only 18, due to his father being ill. Known to have pursued various political reforms, the prince served as Regent in 1827 until his death 3 years later at age 20.[2]

He did have some enemies amongst his maternal relatives, but avoided nepotism and was a talented writer, composer and choreographer.


The prince was commemorated in an album of six scenes created to celebrate the commencement of his learning at the Songgyungwan, one of a number of documentary paintings (gungjung girokhwa) of the Joseon dynasty.[3]

Among 53 Joseon jeongjaes (정재) or court dances which remain, 26 are his works. His "Chunaengjeon" (Dance of the Spring Nightingale) is the best known and most beloved traditional court dance for its gentle and poetic movements. He was one of the most important people in Korean Court ritual history, along with King Sejong.


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