Princess Antonia of Luxembourg

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Princess Antonia of Luxembourg
Crown Princess of Bavaria
Princess Antonia
Born (1899-10-07)7 October 1899
Schloss Hohenburg, Lenggries, Bavaria
Died 31 July 1954(1954-07-31) (aged 54)
Lenzerheide, Switzerland
Spouse Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria
Issue Prince Heinrich of Bavaria
Princess Irmingard of Bavaria
Full name
Antoinette Roberte Sophie Wilhelmine
House House of Nassau-Weilburg
House of Wittelsbach
Father William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Mother Marie Anne of Portugal

Princess Antonia of Luxembourg (Antoinette Roberte Sophie Wilhelmine; 7 October 1899 – 31 July 1954)[1] was a member of the Luxembourgish House of Nassau-Weilburg and the last Crown Princess of Bavaria as the wife of Crown Prince Rupprecht.


Princess Antonia at the age of 10 (Atelier Elvira, Munich 1910)

Born at Schloss Hohenburg,[1] at Lenggries in Upper Bavaria, Antonia was the fourth daughter of Guillaume IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who reigned between 1905 and 1912, and Marie Anne, a princess of the Portuguese House of Braganza.

She was the younger sister of two successive grand duchesses: Marie-Adélaïde and Charlotte. In the family she was called "Toni".

Marriage and children[edit]

Antonia became the second wife of Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria. The two were engaged on 26 August 1918.[2] At the time, Rupprecht was Generalfeldmarschall in the Imperial German army, and had successfully commanded the German Sixth Army at the Battle of Lorraine.

This led to criticism of the close ties between the Luxembourgian Grand Ducal Family and the royalty of the German Empire at a time when Luxembourg was occupied by Germany. This added to the pressure already on Grand Duchess Marie-Adélaïde, who was forced to abdicate on 10 January 1919.[3] Despite the abdication of her elder sister, and the overthrow of the Kingdom of Bavaria in favour of a republic, the two were married on 7 April 1921 at Schloss Hohenburg.

Antonia and Rupprecht had six children, through whom they have further descendants:

  • Prince Heinrich Franz Wilhelm of Bavaria (28 March 1922–14 February 1958) he married Anne Marie de Lostrac on 31 July 1951.
  • Princess Irmingard Marie Josefa of Bavaria (29 May 1923–23 October 2010) she married Prince Ludwig of Bavaria on 20 July 1950. They have three children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
  • Princess Editha Marie Gabrielle Anna of Bavaria (16 September 1924 – 4 May 2013) married Tito Tomasso Maria Brunetti on 12 November 1946. They had three daughters, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She remarried Professor Gustav Christian Schimert on 29 December 1959. They have three sons and six grandchildren.
    • Serena Giovanna Brunetti (22 December 1947) married Vanni Pozzolini on 17 April 1971. They have one son and one grandson. She remarried Vieri Fiori in 1987. They have one daughter and one granddaughter.
      • Giorgio Pozzolini (26 July 1972) he has an illegitimate son:
        • Costantino Pozzolini (2010)
      • Beatrice Fiori (11 April 1979) she has an illegitimate daughter:
        • Isabella
    • Carlotta Hilda Brunetti (10 June 1949) married Count Michael von Bucquoy de Longueval on 29 April 1972. They have two children and two granddaughters:
      • Count Nicholas von Bucquoy de Longueval (23 August 1976)
      • Countess Flora von Buquoy, de Longueval (11 May 1979) married Axel Luis (Sito) Roever on 12 June 2010. They have two daughters.
    • Antonia Hilda Brunetti (10 June 1952) married Erich Franz George Winibald Graf von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg on 4 June 1982. They have one daughter. She remarried Cornelius Wiedemann on 15 April 1997.
      • Countess Maria Sophie Eleonore Editha Walburga von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg (2 May 1984)
    • Andreas Heinrich Rupprecht Marius Schimert (26 May 1961) married Dorothee Gauer on 10 July 1993. They have two sons:
      • Maximilian Schimert (4 September 1993 – 18 June 1994)
      • Ferdinand Schimert (12 December 1996)
    • Christian Philipp Gabriel Johannes Schimert (18 March 1963) married Leena Nehru on 23 November 1994. They have three children.
      • Philipp Schimert (1 November 1996)
      • Serena Schimert (23 March 1998)
      • Maya Schimert (17 October 2000)
    • Constantin Maximilian Ludwig Karl Schimert (30 May 1968) married Karina Frowein in 2011 and they have one daughter.
      • Marie-José Schimert (*2010)
  • Princess Hilda Hildegard Marie Gabriele of Bavaria (24 March 1926 – 5 May 2002) married Juan Bradstock Edgart Lockett de Loayza on 12 February 1949. They had four children and four grandchildren:
    • Juan Bradstock Christopher Henry Anthony Rupprecht Lockett de Baviera (10 April 1950) married Martha Katharina Herdt on 22 April 1991
    • Juan Bradstock Miguel Maria Alexander Lockett von Wittelsbach (3 May 1953) he has two illegitimate sons by Elfriede Seidel:
      • David Seidel (1977)
      • Roman Seidel (1979)
    • Henry Maria Alexander Lockett von Wittelsbach (11 April 1958)
    • Marie Isabel Lockett von Wittelsbach (5 July 1960) married Jacob Rudolf von Saldern on 16 June 1986. They have two daughters:
      • Charlotte Juanita Akazie Nerina von Saldern (19 September 1986)
      • Hilaria Renata Hilda Giula von Saldern (17 December 1987)
  • Princess Gabriele Adelgunde Marie Theresia Antonia of Bavaria (10 May 1927) married Karl Emmanuel Herzog von Croÿ on 17 June 1953. They have three children and ten grandchildren:
    • Princess Marie-Thérèse of Croÿ (29 March 1954) married Count Stephan de Waldersdorff on 5 July 2002. She has an illegitimate daughter:
      • Laura Gabrielle Irmingard of Croÿ (25 March 1986)
    • Prince Rudolf Carl Rupprecht of Croÿ (8 July 1955) married Alexandra Maria Margit Olga Serafimovna Miloradovich on 23 October 1987. They have six children:
      • Prince Carl Philipp Emanuel Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria of Croÿ (18 August 1989)
      • Princess Xenia Maria Alexandra Antonia Agnes Gabrielle Camilla of Croÿ (26 December 1990)
      • Prince Marc Emanuel Carl Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria of Croÿ (6 April 1992)
      • Prince Heinrich Carl Rupprecht Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria of Croÿ (9 December 1993)
      • Prince Alexander Carl Rudolf Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria of Croÿ (9 March 1995)
      • Princess Anastasia of Croÿ (12 January 1998)
    • Prince Stefan Clemens Philipp of Croÿ (17 May 1959) married Beatrice du Chastel de la Howarderie, Comtesse du Chastel de la Howarderie on 25 August 1990. They have three children:
      • Princess Camile of Croÿ (6 February 1988)
      • Princess Charlotte Regine Gabrielle Sophie of Croÿ (22 December 1992)
      • Prince Lionel Carl Francois Eric of Croÿ (3 January 1996)
  • Princess Sophie Marie Therese of Bavaria (born 1935) married Prince Johann Engelbert of Arenberg on 18 January 1955. They have five children, eleven grandchildren and one great-granddaughter:
    • Prince Leopold Englebert of Arenberg (20 February 1956) married Isabel-Juliana Gräfin zu Stolberg-Stolberg on 30 June 1995. They have three children:
      • Princess Natasha Sophie Gaspara Maria Annunziata of Arenberg (21 December 1996)
      • Philippe-Léopold of Arenberg (20 May 1999)
      • Prince Alexandre of Arenberg (2 November 2001)
    • Prince Karl-Ludwig Felix Melchior of Arenberg (13 March 1957) married Fiammetta de Frescobaldi on 26 November 1988. They have two children:
      • Princess Anne-Helene Sophie Vittoria Laura Gaspara of Arenberg (7 November 1989)
      • Prince Evrard Guillaume Englebert Jean Melchoir Prinz of Arenberg (18 January 1996)
    • Princess Marie Gabriele of Arenberg (2 June 1958) married Gilles Morel de Boncourt-Humeroeuille on 28 January 1984. They have four children and a granddaughter:
      • Maïté de Boncourt-Humeroeuille (23 December 1984) married François Stoffels d'Hautefort on 22 September 2012
        • Zita Stoffels d'Hautefort (2013)
        • Thaïs Stoffels d'Hautefort (2015)
        • Emmanuel Stoffels d'Hautefort (2017)
      • Charlotte de Boncourt-Humeroeuille (2 February 1987) married Baron Wilhelm von Stotzingen on 27 July 2013
      • Antoine de Boncourt-Humeroeuille (13 February 1990)
      • Louis de Boncourt-Humeroeuille (18 July 1996)
    • Prince Heinrich Antoine Marie of Arenberg (20 May 1961) married Marie-Thérèse de Spoelberch on 12 January 2001. They
    • Prince Etienne Albert Marie Melchoir of Arenberg (11 December 1967) married Adrienne Keller, daughter of Pierre Keller and Claire-Jeanne de Senarclens, on 17 September 1994. They have two daughters:
      • Princess Amélie Claire Sophie Gaspara of Arenberg (9 June 2000)
      • Princess Larissa Lydia Louise Melchiora of Arenberg (18 March 2002)

Later life[edit]

As opponents of the Nazi regime, Antonia and Rupprecht were forced into exile in Italy in 1939. From here, they moved to Hungary. When Germany occupied Hungary in October 1944, Antonia and her children were captured, while Rupprecht, still in Italy, evaded arrest. They were imprisoned at Sachsenhausen. In early April 1945, they were moved to Dachau concentration camp. Although liberated that same month, the imprisonment greatly impaired Antonia's health; the ordeal led to her vow never to return to German soil, and she died nine years later, at Lenzerheide, Switzerland.[1]

Titles and honours[edit]

  • 7 October 1899 – 7 April 1921: Her Grand Ducal Highness Princess Antonia of Luxembourg
  • 7 April 1921 - 18 October 1921: Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Bavaria
  • 18 October 1921 - 31 July 1954: Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Antonia of Bavaria, Princess of Luxembourg



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