Crown of Creation (band)

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Crown of Creation
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Background information
Origin Hannover, West Germany
Genres Pop music, Synthpop[1]
Years active 1985[2]–1998, 2009-present
Labels ContraPunkt
Associated acts Rick J. Jordan, X-Perience
Members Matthias Blazek
Anne Crönert
Thomas Czacharowski
Adrian Lesch
Past members Nicole Knauer, Olaf Oppermann, Nicole Sukar

Crown of Creation is a band from Hannover, Germany. With their music, they developed their own style: pop music with strong trance influences, to the classic, distinctive voice of Anne Crönert.


Crown of Creation was founded in 1985. The band’s name was inspired by the album "Crown of Creation" by Jefferson Airplane.[3]

The band began in Großmoor (belongs to the municipality of Adelheidsdorf) and moved to Hannover in 1987. After numerous line-up changes and many recordings, the band went into the studio of Rick J. Jordan (Scooter) in 1993 with Nicole Sukar and recorded, with the help of the record producer Herman Frank (Victory), their debut CD "Real Life". Following that release (1994), Olaf Oppermann was the band's guitarist.

In 1994 and 1995, the band was in the department of Seine-et-Marne, near Paris, on tour. In 1998, the band dissolved. After 11 years of absence, Crown of Creation came together again in 2009, with the new singer Anne Crönert.

In 2010, the CD EP "Darkness in your Life" was produced and, in conjunction with the Dance Factory from Lachendorf, a video was developed. In May 2010, over several weeks, a series ran with the story of Crown of Creation in the "Wathlinger Bote" and the "Wathlinger Echo", which presented the facts and news from the past 25 years.

For Christmas 2010, the band gifted their hometown of Hannover the song, "At Christmas Time".[4]

The children’s choir of the primary school of Adelheidsdorf performed with the band in August 2011 in a studio in Hannover to sing the chorus of "Child's Eyes" with three German-language passages.[5] In 2012, Crown of Creation contributed a new and unreleased song to the charity compilation "Made in Ce(lle)" in support of the children's hospice work and even worked with the lead in the production and marketing of the sampler.

In 2013, the CD maxi "With the Rhythm in my Mind" was released.[6] On this occasion, the video production company emovion produced the video of the main title and another one of the song "Child’s Eyes".[7]

On August 18, 2015, Hofa GmbH label released the best of album "Best of Crown of Creation 1985–2015", a double CD with songs from the original albums, unreleased tracks, special mixes and live recordings.[8]

Band members[edit]

  • Anne / Anne Crönert (voice)
  • Matze / Matthias Blazek (synthesizer)
  • Thomas / Thomas Czacharowski (synthesizer)
  • Adrian / Adrian Lesch (synthesizer)

Former members[edit]

  • Michaela Rutsch (voice – 1986)
  • Bobby / Anja Wieneke (voice – until 1987)
  • Sabine Mertens (voice 1987–1988 and 1990)
  • Mussi / Mustafa Akkuzu (guitar 1987–1988)
  • Frank Pokrandt (voice 1988)
  • Claudia Rohde (voice 1988–1989)
  • Andreas Harms (guitar 1988–1989)
  • Thomas Richter (bass 1988–1989)
  • Dirk Schmalz (guitar 1989)
  • Angela Thies (voice 1990)
  • Martin Zwiener (synthesizer 1992)
  • Nicole Sukar (voice 1992–1994)
  • Nicole Knauer (voice 1993–1998)
  • Oppi / Olaf Oppermann (guitar 1994–2010)


  • 1994: Real Life (ContraPunkt)
  • 1998: Crown of Creation meets Friends (Self publishing)
  • 2001: Paulinchen (with Memory)
  • 2003: Berenstark 10 (with When Time is lost)
  • 2004: Berenstark 11 (with Friends)
  • 2010: Abstürzende Brieftauben – TANZEN (with When Time is lost)
  • 2010: CD EP Darkness in your Life
  • 2011: W.I.R. präsentiert: Celle's Greatest (with Regrets)
  • 2012: Celle's Integrationsprojekt präsentiert: Made in Ce (with Run away and the unpublished Vampires in the Moonlight), sampler dedicated to the Children’s hospice in the Landkreis Celle
  • 2013: CD maxi With the Rhythm in my Mind
  • 2015: Best of Crown of Creation – 30 Jahre Bandgeschichte 1985–2015


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