Crowsnest Range

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Crowsnest Range
Crowsnest pass.jpg
Crownsnest Mountain and Seven Sisters Mountain in the Crowsnest Range
Highest point
Peak Mount Ptolemy
Elevation 2,812 m (9,226 ft)
Coordinates 49°32′53.9″N 114°37′54.1″W / 49.548306°N 114.631694°W / 49.548306; -114.631694Coordinates: 49°32′53.9″N 114°37′54.1″W / 49.548306°N 114.631694°W / 49.548306; -114.631694
Length 64 km (40 mi) N-S [1]
Width 104 km (65 mi)
Country Canada
Provinces British Columbia and Alberta
Parent range Continental Ranges
Borders on High Rock Range

Crowsnest Range is a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Alberta and southeastern British Columbia, Canada.

The range is located south of the Crowsnest Pass, which separates it from the High Rock Range. It is part of the Southern Continental Ranges of the Canadian Rockies. Sub-ranges include, from north to south, Lizard Range, Taylor Range, Flathead Range and Blairmore Range.

The Crowsnest Range covers a surface of 2,694  km² (1,040 mi²), has a length of 64 km (from north to south) and a width of 104 km (65 mi).[1] The highest peak is Mount Ptolemy, with an elevation of 2,812 m (9,226 ft).

Peaks and Mountains[edit]

  1. Mount Ptolemy - 2,812 m (9,226 ft)
  2. Crowsnest Mountain - 2,785 m (9,137 ft)
  3. Seven Sisters Mountain - 2,591 m (8,501 ft)

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