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Croydon Central Library
Croydon Central Library.jpg
General information
Town or cityCroydon, London
ClientLondon Borough of Croydon

Croydon Central Library is Croydon's main public library located inside the Croydon Clocktower in Croydon, south London. It is owned by the London Borough of Croydon on behalf of Croydon Council. The library is located on four floors inside the Clocktower. On Level 0 there is the customer service desk and the level includes a large children's library.

It was the third-most-used in the UK in 2010.[1]

Collections and services[edit]

Croydon Clocktower in which the library is situated

Croydon Central Library offers a wide range of books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs and videos for reference and loan, the largest range of these in any Croydon Library. It also includes a wide range of free-to-access PCs which includes internet connection. Other features include a Wordwise collection of books for children who suffer from dyslexia. A local studies library and extensive archives, that are also present in the Museum of Croydon. An enquiry service is available. The Clocktower Café is situated just outside the library, and is very popular. A large and extensive gay and lesbian collection is available in the library, the largest range in London. Books are available in most of the languages spoken in the borough. There is a large newspaper archive on the top floor of the library which includes all the major newspapers dating back to the 1990s. Other features include community information, homework help clubs and reading groups.


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