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The original Croydon Cricket Club, based at Croydon (then part of Surrey), was prominent in the 18th century and played most of its matches at Duppas Hill. The earliest record of the club is in the 1707 season when it played two major matches against London.[1]

Croydon had a very strong team in the 1731 season, beating London four times.[2] The Croydon club was interchangeable with Surrey as a county at that time.

Croydon continued to be prominent through the 1730s but was less so in the 1740s and the club was barely mentioned again after that except in a few minor matches. It is believed to have disbanded in the later part of the 18th century and there is no modern equivalent.

In 2018, A club previously named Croydon Cricket Club of India (CCCI) got re-branded to Croydon Cricket Club (CCC) aiming to unite cricket played in across Croydon. It is not affiliated to the original Croydon Cricket Club.

The club home ground is Croygas which is located at 48 Mollison Dr, Wallington SM6 9BY.

The club participates in the Surrey League and has 3 Senior teams with 1 playing Premier division while other 2 in division 2. The club also has 2 teams playing Sunday league.

CCC organised 2 winter camps and a summer camp for junior cricketers. More than 80 children ageing from 4 to 15 took part. The result was finding enough players to have 5 junior teams playing NEC Surrey Junior league having Under 7-Girls, Under 7-Boys, Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13 teams. CCC boasts 7 Level 2 certified coaches as its members and more than 20 DBS certified support coaches. Special mention is the participation women have in the running of the club with roles ranging from support managers and welfare officers. A all women's team is planned for near future with a one day 4 team women's league with soft ball so as to encourage the whole family taking part in the sport.

Key people are

Seshu Alam

Colts Directors
Nikhil Chandarana

Mohit Jain

Junior Team Managers
Rakesh(Rocky) Patel (Under 7)

Ashish Khanolkar (Under 7-Girls)

Amit Patole (Under 7-Boys)
Parag Thakkar (Under 8)

Tejas Bhatt (Under 9)
Amit Shete (Under 9)

Vaidy Sankaranarayanan (Under 11)
Niloptel Dey (Under 11)

Level 2 Certified Coaches
Rajat Sharma
Nikhil Chandarana
Parag Thakkar
Vaidy Sankaranarayanan
Rakesh(Rocky) Patel
Sachin Aralikatti
Ashish Khanolkar

Other Active Members

Niraj Sawant (Hard Tennis Ball League Manager)
Sriniwas Zampani (T20 League Manager)
Nishant Priyadarshi (Sponsorships)
Pankaj Saluja
Satyajit Chanda

Mohan kumar

Ritesh Yadav

Details to follow with club fixtures and other activities.



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