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Croydon Town Hall

Croydon Town Hall is a council building serving as headquarters for Croydon Borough Council.[1]

Croydon has had three town hall buildings in its history. The first was built in either 1566 or 1609,[1] and pulled down in 1807.[2] A replacement was built on the High Street in 1808[2] to a plan by Samuel Pepys Cockerell,[3] and was demolished as part of the town's High Street widening scheme in the 1880s. The third town hall building was previously the site of Central Croydon railway station, which was redeveloped for council use in 1895, as part of a plan to install "Municipal Offices, Courts, a Police Station, Library and many other public purposes and yet leave a considerable margin of land which might be disposed of".[1]

The current red brick building, designed by Charles Henman, was opened in 1896 by the Prince of Wales (afterwards Edward VII).[1] The building has been extensively renovated since the mid-1980s,[1] and connects to Croydon Clocktower and the David Lean Cinema.


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