Crucifixion between Sts. Jerome and Christopher

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Crucifixion between Sts. Jerome and Christopher
Pinturicchio, crocifissione con san girolamo e san cristoforo.jpg
Yearc. 1475
MediumOil on panel
Dimensions59 cm × 40 cm (23 in × 16 in)
LocationBorghese Gallery, Rome

The Crucifixion between Sts. Jerome and Christopher is a painting by the Italian Renaissance master Pinturicchio, painted around 1481 and housed in the Borghese Gallery of Rome, Italy.

It is one of the earliest known works by the Umbrian painter, after some of the panel of the Histories of San Bernardino (1473).


The work depicts the Crucifixion on a river valley background, whose small details show the influence of Flemish painting. At the sides are a penitent St. Jerome, with the traditional symbols of the tamed lion, the cardinal hat on the ground, and a stone used to hit his chest. On the right is St. Christopher holding the martyrdom palm and looking at the young Jesus on his shoulder.

The latter, in turn, holds an apple and wears a coif, an element which is present in other early Pinturicchio works, such as the Madonna with Blessing Child in the National Gallery of London. The work shares the same preparatory drawing, and perhaps the cartoon, of a work by Fiorenzo di Lorenzo.


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